Biotique Botanicals Bio Mud for all skin types - Review

Product: Botanicals Bio Mud
Rating: 2/5

Hope you had a nice day! Here’s a quick review on Biotique Bio Mud – Youthful Firming Revitalizing Face Pack. I love DIY face packs and I am always into face packs with natural ingredients but the funny part is I don’t get to spend a lot of time on reading the ingredients because most of beauty purchase is from Niligris. Firstly, you don’t get many beauty products and secondly they have strict return policy so even if you decide not to use a product once you realize the usage of harsh ingredients you can’t return. You definably got to use it so this review is for those who are left with no alternative option because I do have my Holy Grail mud mask which I absolutely love.

I don’t remember when exactly I got this – I just came across while cleaning my bathroom closet, so I gave it try. This is my 10th time trying it once a week, I don’t use it daily because it totally smells chemical and has a tingling sensation. I was forced to wash it off within 5 minutes.

I didn’t see any drastic change, its super thick and has this weird chemical feel and smell. I tried adding rose water to control the burning sensation and it was still hard so I will not recommend this for first time users. You can go for something else which is more natural or the home version is always best – gram flour, turmeric, curd and lemon juice. Nothing works like this but the only downsize is it will take time to show the results.

My rating – 2/5 star (it didn’t work for me)